Combat your child's back-to-school jitters

It's that time of year again! Back-to-school means a new grade, making new friends, homework, and the stress and anxiety that comes along with it.

Making a House Call this week is Dr. Renee Tamlyn from West Front Primary Care in Traverse City.

"Anytime you're making a change from one school to another, or to a new level of schooling, that's going to cause some anxiety for kids," said Dr. Tamlyn. "It's across the board from young kids all the way up to high school."

Dr. Tamlyn recommends getting your kids ready a couple of weeks ahead of time.

"For all ages this is important, but especially for the little ones," said Dr. Tamlyn. "Make sure their sleep routines are back on to the school routine before starting school."

She also said to prepare them the best you can to ease anxiety.

"Tell them how the day is going to go, what they can expect," said Dr. Tamlyn. "Help them to know you're going to pick them up again at the end of the day and that it's all going to be back to their normal family routine after the day."

For children going to new schools, it can be even more stressful since they do not know their way around.

"I would also recommend if you can try and get into that school beforehand," said Dr. Tamlyn. "If it's a new building, go in with your child and figure out where their locker is going to be and where their classes are going to be, so they can take that element out of it before they have their first day."

Dr. Tamlyn also recommends reconnecting your child with friends they haven't seen much over the summer to compare class schedules and activities.

For teens, Dr. Tamlym suggests to ask them if there are any specific concerns they have going into the new school year.

"Check in with them after that first day and those first couple of days... And really talk to them over dinner," said Dr. Tamlyn. "See if you can troubleshoot any of the problems they come up with."

And as the school year starts, so does a new eating schedule.

"Diets can be a lot different in school than in the Summer," said Dr. Tamlyn. "And breakfast is important! When you get up early for school, that gets missed a lot. Get them some protein and fiber and make sure they're eating well during the day and sleeping well at night."

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