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      Community bans bows and arrows

      " We don't want to run the risk of there being an accident and we would rather be proactive than reactive I'd rather act in advance problem then after the problems occurred and somebody is been injured or God forbidden killed," Onaway City Councilman Chuck Abshagen said.

      I n Onaway, most of the homes are relatively close together and as you walk through the neighborhoods you will see kids playing in yards. These factors are exactly what sparked local concern and eventually led to council's decision.

      " I don't think we found any arrows in neighbors ' yards or roofs or anything like that it was just the fact that people were using them very close to the neighbors homes ," Onaway City Manager Joe Hefele said.

      T he new ordinance prohibits the use of bows, long bows, and cross bows within city limits. T he ordinance replaces an 18 - year - old law that allowed residents target practice on their own property. N ow if you are caught practicing in the city , you will face a $500 fine.

      " If people truly are interested in sport of bow and arrow hunting they should take her bow and arrows out into the countryside and practice I don't think the bow and arrow has any place in town, regular bow and arrow or crossbow ," Abshagen said.

      L ynn Hayner owns a large piece of land and believes that target practice in his backyard is completely harmless.

      " I planned to practice out here myself , I got lots of room and no near neighbors to worry about. can't do it anymore, it seems like our freedom is being taken away from us little by little ," Hayner said.

      M any others around town agree with the council's decision.

      " Where ' s the arrow going to go is going to hit a child to go through somebody ' s window or what, houses are too close together in town ," Onaway resident Terry Ignasiak said.