Community comes together to 'Remember to Love'

Sunday's ceremony was held in F&M Park in Traverse city.

Saturday July 5 marked the one year anniversary of Kelly Boyce Hurlbert's death in Traverse City. On Sunday, family and friends gathered for a special candle light vigil with the community in her memory.

The 29-year-old was biking home from work on July 5, 2013 when she was hit and killed. Despite hundreds of tips to the Traverse City Police Department, the person responsible has never been caught.

Sunday's ceremony was held in F&M Park in Traverse city.


It's an amazing show of support," said Nicole Nostrandt, Kelly's sister. "It makes us feel wonderful and to know how loved Kelly was by everyone. Not just her family but her family her friends and people that didn't even know her."

Kelly's husband Paul Hurlbert, was one of several who spoke. He said the best way to bring justice to Kelly, is by living life to the fullest.


None of you deserve to have someone that you love taken away from you," said Paul. "But don't ever let it take away what's important in life, and that is living it and loving."

Family and friends say the purpose of the event was to remember and honor Kelly, and to spread awareness that they are still seeking justice as police continue to search for the person responsible for her death.


I want the community to know that we care about the community also and in our search for who did this to Kelly it's also a search for the community because this happened right here in their town and I know I'm worried for them that this person is still out there driving down the roads and this could happen again," said Nostrandt.

A reward for $50 thousand is still in place for anyone with information leading to an arrest.