Community gives back to Shetler's Family Dairy

After such a devastating loss Wednesday evening, community members came out on Thursday to show their support for the Shetler family.

Flames piled high over the 101-year-old farm house, while nearly 35 firefighters, and 100-thousand gallons of water put the fire out.

The fire started at five, and the flames finally ceased around midnight. All that the Shetler family could do during the time, was watch.

Community members visited the Shetler Family Dairy Farm on Thursday with groceries, baked goods, and other household items to help the family get through the difficult time.

" I want to thank the community, the firemen, the police, and the out pouring of help from our community, our customers, and so many people for helping us out where they can," said George Shetler. "And we just appreciate everyone and I just thank you and God bless everybody."

George and Sally Shetler started the dairy farm in 1979. The same year they purchased the farm house where their five children were raised.

Only a few things inside the home made it through the fire. Some pictures and the family bible included.

George and Sally are currently staying down the road with their son until they can figure out whether or not they will rebuild. They are continuing to bottle, package, and ship their dairy products as usual.