Community mourning the loss of Maris Spaulding

A northern Michigan community is mourning the loss of a young woman who fought a brave battle with Leukemia.

Maris Spaulding, 18, died at DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids Thursday night.

"I think most people will remember her as a great friend and just one of those kids we can count on as a student, as an athlete, and just a great community person," Central Lake Dean of Students Quinn Barry said.

Spaulding was a senior and softball star at Central Lake High School when she was diagnosed with Leukemia on March 11. The next day she began treatment and her community rallied in support.

The Superintendent of Central Lake Schools, Ben Williams, said Spaulding's brave battle brought the Central Lake community together, but support didn't stop there.

"There was a great sense of support of not only this community, but our greater community in northern Michigan, rallying around a young lady and school community. Softball teams from more than an hour away helped with fundraisers," said Williams.

School leaders met early Friday morning to discuss how to tell students about Spaulding's death and help them cope with the loss. Counselors and social workers were brought in to the school to meet with students.