Community mourns fallen Marine

Northern Michigan is preparing to honor a local Marine killed in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Justin Hansen was from Williamsburg and graduated from Kingsley High School in 2003.

The procession traveled down Airport Access to Parsons and turn left onto Garfield Avenue into Kingsley. The funeral home is located at 200 North Brownson Avenue.

Sgt. Hansen's funeral will take place at 1pm Saturday at Kingsley High School. Visitation will begin at 11am.

If you plan on participating in the procession on Saturday from the Kingsley High School to Memorial Gardens please enter the High School parking lot at the main entrance and you will be directed by the Covell Funeral Home Staff. If you do not plan on participating in the procession please park in the lower ball fields.

The procession from Kingsley High School to Memorial Gardens for burial on Saturday will begin around 3:00pm.

The route will begin on Kingsley Road/South Brownson to M1113.

West (Left) on M113 to M37

North (Right) on M37 to 14th Street

East (Right) on 14th Street to Veterans Drive

South (Right) on Veterans Drive to Memorial Gardens

If you see the funeral procession please pull to the side of the road and wait until every car has passed before you continue.

If you would like to leave a comment of support for Sgt. Hansen's family you can find a link to the

guest book here