Community raises thousands for hospitalized victim of Gladwin robbery

Michael Bowman was charged in the robbery of the Guns and Stuff store in Gladwin County.

About a week after a gun shop owner was attacked in a robbery in Gladwin County, the community has reached out to help pay his overwhelming hospital bills.

Richard Robinette is the owner of Guns and Stuff in Sage Township. Last Monday, he was attacked at his store during a robbery and left bleeding from the head on the ground. Since the robbery, Robinette has been hospitalized.

On Monday this week, "Big John" Yeubanks, owner of Big John's Mixed Martial Arts in Gaylord, started a web page with the goal of raising $5000 for Robinette and his wife to help pay for hospital bills. As of 6:00 pm on Wednesday, the page had received $7,044 in donations from 209 people.

"It took the wind out of the sails of all that anger and being so mad all the time from what happened to my dad," said older son, Josh Robinette.

"We are so thankful, and so grateful," said younger son, Russ. "We can''s beyond words."

Today, John presented Robinette's wife and two of her son's, Josh and Russ Robinette, with a check for the amount raised so far. But John says this fight is far from over. You can still donate on the site by clicking here. The new goal is to reach $10,000.

"Richard could have been anyone of our family," said Yeubanks. "We've adopted him now. So he's a fighter now. But he could have been anyone of our grandfathers, fathers, and so I'm honored to be able to put this together and help these guys out."

Since the robbery, three people have been arrested, including 25-year-old Charles Rowan who, it was found, faked his own death in Traverse City just weeks before the robbery. Rowan, his girlfriend Rosalinda Martinez, and Michael Bowman face charges of assault with intent to murder, attempted robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and felony firearm in the Robinette case.

Traverse City Police have a separate investigation open on Rowan in Traverse City. He is accused by "Big John" and two other promoters of faking his own death and collecting money raised at a benefit.