Community teams up to score new board

Community members and volunteers putting the finishing touches on the new high-tech scoreboard at Kipke Stadium.

The Charlevoix Rayders Gridiron Club helped raise money to give Charlevoix Public Schools a high-tech scoreboard that benefits more than just the athletic department.

Monday, members of the Gridiron Club used more than $180,000 in monetary and supply donations to put together the new video score board at Kipke Stadium.

"It's all about kids," said Charlevoix Rayders Gridiron Club President Patrick Faust. "We have to stay up with times and today's technologies. If we don't, we are going to get left behind."

Charlevoix Public Schools Superintendent Bob Gendron is thankful the old scoreboard is being replaced, and that it didn't cost taxpayers any money.

The Gridiron Club will do maitenance on the board for the next ten years.

"Last year, during homecoming, we had to replace a part in the scoreboard, which we had to try to rip out of another scoreboard from somewhere else," said Gendron. "Then lightning hit it the night before the game. We didn't have a scoreboard for homecoming."

The video display on the scoreboard is seven and a half feet tall and 13 feet wide.

"It has generated the new A.V. (audio-video) club that is turning into a broadcasting class," said Gendron. "Not only is it going to see significant things for athletic programs, but we're also going to see some real academic benefit out of this too."

"I was in broadcasting last year and we never had anything like this," said Charlevoix High School Junior Ben Boss. "We weren't able to work with a big screen. So, having something for that class this year will be a great benefit."

Gendron says the school might add a marketing class to a future curriculum for those students interested in learning more about the advertising aspect of scoreboard advertising.

The scoreboard is expected to be finished Tuesday.