Community train derailed

After years of debate the fate of Traverse City's miniature train has been decided. Tuesday night commissioners voted to get rid of the "Spirit of Traverse City."

7&4's Kate Fox was at the meeting and brings us the details new at 11.

The decision comes as part of the Traverse City Bay-Front plan. Board members heard months of public comment, but ultimately the majority felt the train doesn't belong, which was a disappointing decision for some.

Commissioner Mary Ann Moore had this message for train supporters: "I'm sorry for your loss because I know that you sincerely wanted the train, but this is the best result for Traverse City and the water front. It's time, the time has come, we've tried a number plans and this is one that everyone felt was the best they had seen."

But not all commissioners voted on this version of the plan, Commissioner Jim Carruthers voted to keep the train. He says, "We'll survive this but it's too bad that not everyone is in agreement with the people of Traverse City. It's too bad that we are taking away a part of the historical and unique features that have been part of Traverse City..."

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