Confidence in medical care

Perry Stafford is conscious about keeping up with his cardiac rehab.

"I come here for exercise and follow-ups. I don't have to drive to Traverse City every time and yet I still get quality care," says Stafford.

Instead of making the two hour drive to Munson Medical Center in Traverse City from his hometown of Roscommon, Stafford is able to come to Mercy Hospital Grayling for treatments three days a week. His heart complications started in the late 90's and that's when he had an artificial valve put in at Munson.

"This last event was the end of February. I just felt chest pain, pain in my leg and numbness in my left arm and leg. I came here and they diagnosed me and took care of me," says Stafford.

It's become a close to home comfort for Stafford and something he relies on to stay healthy.

"One of the advantages of having this rehab in Grayling is you get not only excellent care here but you've got a top cardiac team in Munson that they've partnered with, so you get the best of both," says Stafford.

Dr. John Beattie is an interventional cardiologist at Munson Medical Center. He travels to Mercy Hospital Grayling three days a week for in-patient and out-patients evaluations and tests.

"Traverse Heart and Vascular has had a 25 year commitment to Mercy Hospital Grayling, and we've continued to add and expand to that commitment to increase services, additional physicians and we view it as a very important service to those communities," says Dr. Beattie.

Part of those commitments includes cardiac rehab as well as advancements in medical technology during the last 20 years.

"Most of the cardiac diagnostic imaging was digitized and we've been able to review both in Grayling and Traverse City and also electronic data, which provides timely and efficient care for patients," says Dr. Beattie.

Dr. Beattie says the local cardiac treatment is an added bonus for patients like Stafford.

"I think patients always feel better knowing there's high-quality medical care in their community and I think by us going out there and supporting that endeavor, we've provided a great deal of comfort and reassurance to people and we feel good about that," says Dr. Beattie.

For more information about the cardiac rehab program at Mercy Hospital Grayling click here.