Council may dim the light on Charlevoix fireplace

UPDATE: The Charlevoix city council voted Monday night 4-2 in favor of removing the fireplace. The council voted to remove the fireplace completely by passing three motions: to suspend the project, reconsider it, and rescind it.

The contro
al downtown fireplace project in Charlevoix took on a new direction with new council members, since Monday night's city council meeting was the first since three elected members were ousted in a recall election earlier this month. That gave the t
hree new members a say in city projects, like eliminating the fireplace project.

Earlier this week, new council member Shirley Gibson told 7&4 News that she and others on council planned to make a motion to suspend the previous regime'
s actions. She also said they planned to completely abolish the original plan the council can move to reconsider past action and rescind past action. Gibson added that she hopes council can hold a public hearing in June to discuss the future of the land near the park.