Couple captures black bear enjoying morning snack

It was a shocking moment for a Grand Traverse County couple Sunday morning, when they spotted a huge black bear in their front yard.

Kelly Maruskin and Paul Rhoadarmer live in a house located in a small neighborhood in Interlochen. For the past two weeks, their bird feeders kept getting knocked over and scattered across the lawn. In an effort to see what was going on, they set up a trail cam.

For the first three days they saw nothing on the video footage, but Sunday morning was a different story. They saw a big black bear enjoying a nice morning snack from their bird feeders.

The couple says while it was an exciting image to capture, it's also alarming and they want to warn their neighbors.

To check out the raw video, click on the video above.

The DNR says there are some things you can do to keep bears away:

1. Keep garbage and pet food in a secured area or inside.

2. Keep grills and picnic areas clean.

3. If you have bird feeders out, only place enough feed out for one day.