Cousins: Schools didn't intend to mislead public in bond proposal

Traverse City schools are in hot water after the Secretary of State ruled they violated campaign finance law in the $100 million bond proposal last November.

Officials at Traverse City Area Public Schools are in some hot water after it was ruled that they violated campaign finance laws during last year's November election.

TCAPS Superintendent Steve Cousins tells 7&4 News that a resident filed a complaint in October about the wording used in a flier that was sent to parents explaining the district's $100 million bond proposal.

State law prohibits the use of public money to promote or denounce a ballot question.

The Secretary of State's office made the ruling last week that the district did in fact break the law when they asked parents to support the proposal.

A disposition from the Secretary of State said the district mailer contained "express advocacy."

Cousins took full responsibility for the issue in an email to parents, saying, "I want to assure you that the district did not intend to violate the Act or mislead the public."

Cousins said the district is now waiting for the State to decide what type of punishment the district faces.

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