Crash victim's family honored by donations

Curtis Prohaska died from injuries sustained in a car crash.

Friends and family have started a fund to help cover funeral expenses for a man who died after a car crash Thursday.

33 year old Curtis Prohaska from St. John's was taken to Munson Medical Center with a serious head injury after the crash at Silver Lake Road and Secor. He died from his injuries Friday.

As of Tuesday night, the fund has well-exceeded the fifteen thousand dollar goal. Family, friends, and strangers have donated more than nineteen thousand dollars since the GoFundMe account was made four days ago.

7&4 News spoke with Prohaskaâ??s brother to learn more about who Curtis was.

â??He wasn't supposed toâ?¦ it wasn't supposed to happen so soon,â?? said Mike Prohaska. â??He wasn't supposed to leave us.â??

Most of Curtis Prohaskaâ??s family was in Canada on a fishing trip when they got word of the accident, but they werenâ??t told much.

â??We didn't know if it happened while he was out training or we didn't know if it was a car accident. Really didn't think to ask at the time,â?? said Prohaska.

They were told Curtis had sustained a brain injury. Doctors informed them of the seriousness of the condition along the familyâ??s way back to the states, preparing them to say their goodbyes.

â??This is one of those guys you look at and think he's going to be here to help you for the rest of your life and to guide you. It doesn't make any sense that he's not here,â?? said Prohaska.

Curtis was an active, outdoorsy man who was always on the go. He was an avid dirt bike racer.

He also tried his hand at drawing and woodworking, and played the drums.

â??Ever since he was young, he was an amazing artist. And that carried over into everything he did,â?? said Prohaska.

The St. John's native had just moved to Northern Michigan with his wife Becky to start jobs as teachers.

â??We were really excited to have Curtis as a member of our team,â?? said Jason Jeffrey, assistant superintendent of Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District. â??When we were doing the interview process for the position in the tech department, I could just tell by the body language of everybody else in the room about ten minutes into the interview that everybody liked him and was comfortable with him."

Curtis was in his second week of working at TBAISD. He was on his way to work when the accident happened.

"We didn't have the chance to fully get to know him, obviously, which is really too bad. He was the kind of guy that seemed to be really enthusiastic and at the same time he seemed to put everybody at ease. He had great potential to grow as a member of our department, that was very clear," said Jeffrey.

The couple decided to buy a camper rather than pay rent. Curtis used his carpentry skills to transform their house on wheels into home sweet home.

â??They were living at a campground. They don't have a home right now. Becky does not have a home,â?? said Prohaska.

One of Becky's friends started a fundraising account to help raise money for funeral costs. Now that they have overshot the goal, some of that money will help Becky find a new place to live.

â??I can't tell you how much it means to me to see people giving that much,â?? said Prohaska.

If youâ??d like to donate, visit the Curtis Prohaska Memorial Fund GoFundMe page.

The funeral for Curtis Prohaska will take place Wednesday afternoon at the Keck-Coleman Funeral Home in St. John's at one.