Crime spree puts Onaway businesses on edge

A series of break-ins and acts of vandalism over the past couple of weeks have Onaway business owners on edge.

UPDATE: The Presque Isle County Sheriff's Office has a 19-year-old male in custody in relation to the recent break-ins at Onaway car washes.

The Onaway male also confessed to break-ins at car washes in surrounding counties.

His name is not being released until his arraignment.


series of break-ins and acts of vandalism over the past couple of weeks have
Onaway business owners on edge.


nvestigators are looking for the suspects who are terrorizing this small community.


or the safety of everyone in the community


we are a little nervous

," Presque Isle County Commission on Aging Assistant Director Denise Parrott said.


Onaway Senior Center was the first to be broken into. Two weekends ago, someone snuck in and smashed the safe and filing cabinets looking for money.


You could
see crow bar damage, but they weren't able to get in the cabinets," Parrott explained.


a week after the Onaway Senior Center was broken into, someone kicked in the back door to the chiropractor's office.


he same night


a car wash on the west side of town was va


dalized and money was taken from one of the va


um machines.


he following night


another machine was broken into



Most likely


it's the same group of Individuals who did the malicious destruction of property and the breaking and entering

," Presque Isle County Sheriff's Department Undersheriff Joe Brewbaker said.


nvestigators came to that conclusion when the other
Onaway car wash fell victim to vandals over the weekend. Now they are looking to link these cases together and find out who is terrorizing the business community.


It looks like some young adult


have been involved with this

," Undersheriff Brewbaker said.


e are looking at some leads and also working with the Michigan State
Police, they had a similar incident in Hillman in Montmorency County. They were up here today working with our sergeant in there putting their information together to see if we can get a good lead."


Presque Isle County Sheriff's Department says every business should stay alert at this time and keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior.


If any businesses see people with a large amount of quarters


because that's
what was taken at the last location to give us a call, because you never know what tips lead to sometimes it leads to hoping to solve this," Brewbaker said.

If you have any information, contact the Presque Isle County Sheriff's Department.