Customers swarm bakeries eager for Easter bread

Kathy Potter prepares Easter bread for the Easter weekend rush.

Potter's Bakery and Bay Bread Company are working hard this Easter weekend to supply their customers with plenty of Easter bread for the holiday.

This Good Friday was a very busy day for both businesses.

"Really crazy, I mean we come in, three or four o' clock in the morning, we're getting everything all ready and six thirty customers are coming in the door," said Stacey Wilcox, Owner of Bay Bread Company.

Easter Sunday is right around the corner and the holiday has customers flocking to the bakeries.

"It's been crazy, we opened up this morning at 5:30," Kathy Potter, Owner of Potter's Bakery said.

So, what sweet smell is drawing hundreds of people inside?

"Challa is probably the number one item, and coffee cakes, hot cross buns, of course, cinnamon rolls, you know kind of all the sweet breads and rolls," Wilcox said.

Sweet and savory traditional Easter breads.

"I got the wonderful, yummy Challa that I love to buy here," said Bay Bread Company customer Cheryl Anderson.

The purchase of the sweet buns and loaves has become an annual tradition for many.

"Just because it's so good and I love to make french toast with it," Anderson said.

But it's the long standing tradition of original recipes that keeps, both customer and bakery traditions, going.

"The recipe has not changed one bit, all the same spices," Potter said. "When we opened back in 1929, it hasn't changed, I've been here for 38 years and it hasn't changed."

And they're keeping their ovens hot and sweet treats coming to accommodate their customers heading out for a busy weekend.

"They'll come in, they'll grab what they need and they'll tell us they're traveling to Grand Rapids or Ann Arbor or up to the U.P., but people are on the road, it's Friday, you know, it's Good Friday and they're all traveling," Wilcox said.

Potter said by the end of the day Saturday they will have sold at least 1,600 hot cross buns.

"They come in in like mounds of people so then everything's empty, so, we all have to bring stuff back out or make more or turn the ovens back on and do it all over again," Potter said.