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      Cutting edge studio puts runners on path to success

      A unique running studio in Traverse City is helping northern Michigan runners prepare for the new race season and getting them on a path to success.

      In the next couple of months athletes will be hitting the pavement and trails for several races, some competitive, others just for fun. There's the Traverse City Trail Running Festival, the Annual Bayshore Marathon, Goodwill's Run for Shelter, and the Traverse City Spring Splatter.

      EXCELerate Run Studio in Traverse City is being called a one of a kind running experience and a new trend in the world of fitness.

      EXCELerate Run Studio Co-Director Dena Johnson says, "People are very excited about it! We've gotten a lot of word of mouth referrals. People say oh so and so was here and they told me I needed to come."

      The studio is a new venture for Excel Physical Therapy in Traverse City and takes a scientific approach to running and seeing results.

      7&4â??s Internet Managing Editor Anne Cook is training for the Bayshore Marathon, she says EXCELerate Run Studio is helping her reach her fitness goals. Cook and 7&4â??s Anchor Marc Schollett have actually teamed up EXCELerate Run for â??The Race to Bayshore,â?? a training program that aims to get them ready for the big marathon.

      Cook says, "Itâ??s really cutting edge, and itâ??s really newâ?| You don't hear about it a lot and you don't hear about people being evaluated like this. Itâ??s a whole new world of figuring out all the different parts of the body that contribute to running.â??

      The program starts with a detailed evaluation that focuses on fitness history and establishing realistic goals. Then there is a video run assessment. Johnson says, "What we see with the naked eye on treadmill and what we see on computer when we slow it down are totally different! We can break it down into every aspect... the landing, the striking the stride, we can look for weakness, breakdown the bio-mechanics..."

      All the results are complied and come up with an exercise plan to address the areas of concern.

      Right now the studio is a small operation but Johnson wants to change that. Johnson says, "We hope to expand the studio into more treadmills and have it be kind of a club, where people can com hang out and run and share stories."

      For more information on the EXCELerate Run Studio, click here.