Dana Potocki: Motivation

Let me preface this blog post with the following: I hate exercising. Like, at all. I successfully maneuvered my life without it, and really have no use for it. I lost weight when I was younger without it, so why start now?

This week my goal was to begin some sort of fitness regime. Apparently without regular movement, my body doesnâ??t see fit to lose weight. Who knew? So, yes, the reality continues to sink in that I am not in my twenties. The days of eating what I want without purposeful exercise are over. Losing weight on the â??I just wonâ??t eat fast food for a weekâ?? diet is a dim memory.

The true challenge is being motivated to continue the path that I have begun. Itâ??s all flowery speeches and pie in the sky until someone gets on a treadmill. Then, all bets are off. It all starts well, until the labored breathing comes, then watch out! Excuses! And do you know â?? excuses are motivation killers?

Think about it. How many times have you thought about quitting smoking? Losing weight? Stop drinking alcohol? Whatever your drug of choice is, Iâ??m sure you have thought about cutting back or stopping a lot. Because you know it is bad for you! You have a plan, you get excited, you may even go so far as telling friends â??thatâ??s it, Iâ??m quitting!â??. But, then, your â??dateâ?? gets closer, and you really start thinking about it. Do you really want to give up the sweets? Ugh, getting up at 4 am to exercise? Wait â?? I work hard, so I deserve a little smoke to relax me.

See how that works? We begin to make excuses why NOT to change. Then, we become discouraged because we cannot overcome those obstacles, then we are unmotivated.

My exercise regime is a start. I have begun to incorporate the C25K plan (Couch to 5K) for my cardio, and Iâ??m also working on some weights. I donâ??t have a personal trainer like the other girls, and budget restraints have me Googling for a lot of information on how to proceed. And, when I am running with sweat dripping in my ear and the recorder playing the excuses in my head, I just dig a little deeper, raise my chin a little higher and press on. I refuse to let the excuses stop me from achieving my goal.

What about you? What challenges are you facing? What motivates you to be better? What excuses prevent you from tackling the challenge?