Dana Potocki: Small change adds up

Small Change Adds Up

Most of us have been there before â?? in between paychecks and money is tight. The problem is, there are a few more days before the next check and you are out of gas for your car. What do you do? Dig for change. Couch cushions, coat pockets, car consoles â?? nothing is left unturned. You score a buck in the car, loose change in the couch and before you know it, there is enough money to get you by until the next check. Small change that adds up to a big result.

When I was at my heaviest weight, I was 217 - two hundred, seventeen pounds of nothing but poor choices and laziness. Getting back down to my normal weight seemed insurmountable! How on earth was I going to get this done? Small changes that add up to a big result.

I had to figure out that looking at the big picture was actually pretty detrimental in this journey â?? it just seemed too big, too hard. So, changing my thinking was in order. I had to start taking small chunks, and making small changes. Weight Watchers also recognizes this need to make small goals â?? your first goal when joining Weight Watchers is to lose 5% of your body weight.

Other changes were in order, but they had to be small changes or I wouldnâ??t follow them through. First, I had to get exercising! But, instead of every day 7 days a week, I had to go with two and slowly work my way to 5 or 6. Iâ??m almost to six days of week exercising! Except last week got away from me and I only did 4, but still it is 4 days of exercising that I didnâ??t spend being lazy!

Next, there were some food issues around the house I had to take care of, but I had to do it in a way that wasnâ??t threatening. Nobody wants to feel like something is being â??taken awayâ?? against their will. And, since I have three other people in the house I had to be extra delicate. The first thing to go was cereal â?? I love having a bowl at night! But, I donâ??t buy the junk anymore, I keep things simple. Rice Chex and Honey Bunches of Oats are the most elaborate that I buy. The kids donâ??t like it, so it is only for mornings that I donâ??t have my act together, otherwise it forces me to make good hot breakfast for the girls. For me, breakfast is a smoothie anyway, but at night I switched to plain popcorn â?? way healthier and I still get the crunch I need. And actually, Iâ??m finding I donâ??t always have it â?? win, win!

Another change I made was that I put fruit dishes on the table and they are always ready to eat. As soon as I get home from the food store, produce is washed so it is easy to grab and go. Seeing the fruit on the table in a clear bowl makes it more appetizing and it seems to get eaten a lot more. Again, a small change that is adding up!

The last thing I have done is drink water. I touched on this my last blog, but geez you guys, what an easy way to get your appetite under control! I constantly have my water mug around â?? at home and in the car it is always ready to go. Water keeps you from drinking the high calorie drinks, and it helps curb the hunger bug. Many times we think we are hungry but it is our body saying it needs water.

All these things are simple things you can do to make small changes and get a big result.