Dance academy bows out of new development plans

After spending the last twelve years in the Horizon Outlet Center in Traverse City, a local dance studio has announced it's moving to a new home.

"Dance Arts Academy" will be staying in Traverse City - building a new studio at the corner of Garfield and Gallery roads.

The owners, Susan Buck and Betsy Carr, say their business has reached a point where they need to move on. They have been searching for a good location for years and are looking forward to a new facility. The Horizon business area will be going through development/renovation changes.

The new academy will be two stories - providing larger dance floors and more usable space. Their store, Diva Dancewear, will be moved to the new location also. The new building will also have a lot of windows overlooking the nearby streets.

Buck and Carr are both excited about the great opportunity to move, saying it's "a lifetime dream come true for both of us." They commented on how grateful they are to all of their students and faculty (past and present) and feel very supported by the community.

"Students are so excited - there's a buzz about this place," stated Carr. "This place has a special spirit because wherever they are, there's a beautiful spirit and just full of heart - we call it a heartbeat. We know we will take that to our new place but they're excited to have more room. Our dressing rooms are crowded, the hallways are a little crowded, and they're all so excited to have more dancing space."

The hope is to break ground on March 1 and finish the new "Dance Arts Academy" August 1.