Deadly shooting shakes Traverse City neighborhood

Many neighbors and business owners in Traverse City are speaking out about the tragic shooting that happened early Tuesday morning in front lawn of a home off Barlow Street.

Sharon Adray lives on Barlow Street and says, '"I heard a round of really fast bang, bang, bang bang, then more shots... then more bang bang, bang!"

Sharon Adray lives in the Valley Park condos off Barlow and says what she thought was sparking wires at a nearby electrical sub station turned out to be much worse.â??

â??I took the screen off my window and poked my head out, I could see that it wasn't the electric plant, there was a body by a white truck. I though oh my gosh, I canâ??t believe this is happening!!"

Adray wasn't the only neighbor startled by all the commotion...

Mitchell McKolay was staying with his girlfriend last night, who also lives on Barlow Street. He says, "The roads were blocked off, you could see the lights flashing. I got home probably 1:30am; itâ??s crazy to be honest!"

Marcia Anderson also lives in the Valley Park Condos, she says, "I knew something was wrong, I get up early and I opened my front door to get the paper and I saw police still on our street. I saw lights, blockades on the street; I knew something terrible had happened..."

It was also a shock for nearby business owners, who were alerted of the situation when they arrived at work this morning.

Owner of Brick Wheels Tim Brick says, "When we came in this morning it was all blocked off. We didn't know what was happening, when you hear what it is, itâ??s like taking one to the solar-plex... its takes it right out of you..."

Neighbors and business owners also can't help but be reminded of other recent tragic events that happened in this same area.

Adray says, "First Carly's murder and now not even a block away from where Carly was murdered this happens... itâ??s just shocking..."

Brick says, "The close proximity is total irony... probably less than 200 yards apart. I don't know if itâ??s indicative of the way Traverse City is going or two isolated incidents that happened close together... "

Anderson says, "It makes me sad to see a new dimension of Traverse City. This has been a sad neighborhood over this last year."