Debate heats up over bayside fireplace

Update: A fiery debate on the construction of a bayside fireplace continued at a City Council meeting in Charlevoix Tuesday night. And after hearing a fire-storm of opposition, council members voted to halt the project, at least for now.

Work on the fireplace along Bridge Street on the edge of East Park is already in motion but many are unhappy about it. The Charlevoix City Council first approved the plans back in early August, but since then the 20-foot-tall fireplace has sparked an up-roar in the community.

Tuesday night, council members voted to stop construction and revise the fireplace plan, considering location, height of chimney and protection of round lake views.

The City Manager tells 7&4 News that they're planning a meeting for next week and will invite the Planning Commission to come up with a new plan of action.

The proposal to build the fireplace as a community attraction came from an anonymous donor who offered to pay for the bulk of its construction costs.

To watch the entire report, and hear from community members and city officials, click the video above.


A heated debate on the construction of a bayside fireplace continues in Charlevoix.

The community fireplace is set to be built in East Park along Bridge Street. The Charlevoix City Council approved the plan Aug. 9, but it has fueled anger from some business owners who say the 20-foot-tall fireplace blocks the view.

The Charlevoix City Council will discuss a new proposed plan at a meeting Tuesday night, which scales back the project. The meeting begins at 7pm at the Charlevoix City Hall.