Decision 2012: Know the proposals you are voting on

Wednesday, 7&4 News takes a look at the final three proposals voters will see on the November ballot.

Here is what voter will see on November 6:

Proposal 1: Establish criteria to assess the financial condition of local government units, including school districts. Authorize Governor to appoint an emergency manager (EM) upon state finding of a financial emergency, and allow the EM to act in place of local government officials. Require EM to develop financial and operating plans, which may include modification or termination of contracts, reorganization of government, and determination of expenditures, services, and use of assets until the emergency is resolved. Alternatively, authorize state-appointed review team to enter into a local government approved consent decree.

Proposal 4:

Allow in-home care workers to bargain collectively with the Michigan Quality Home Care Council (MQHCC). Continue the current exclusive representative of in-home care workers until modified in accordance with labor laws. Require MQHCC to provide training for in-home care workers, create a registry of workers who pass background checks, and provide financial services to patients to manage the cost of in-home care. Preserve patients' rights to hire in-home care workers who are not referred from the MQHCC registry who are bargaining unit members. Authorize the MQHCC to set minimum compensation standards and terms and conditions of employment.

Proposal 6:

Require the approval of a majority of voters at a statewide election and in each municipality where "new international bridges or tunnels for motor vehicles" are to be located before the State of Michigan may expend state funds or resources for acquiring land, designing, soliciting bids for, constructing, financing, or promoting new international bridges or tunnels. Create a definition of "new international bridges or tunnels for motor vehicles" that means, "any bridge or tunnel which is not open to the public and serving traffic as of January 1, 2012."

Will these proposals pass?

That is for you to decide on November 6.

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