Dentists take the bite out of dental bill

Doctors with a Heart helps uninsured get free dental care in Traverse City.

Going to the dentist is not what many people enjoy doing, but for some uninsured in Grand Traverse County, they were happy to wait in long lines to sit in the dentist chair.

Deerhaven Family Dentistry closed its doors to regular patients Wednesday and opened the door to those in need in the community. Office staff, hygentists and three area dentists all donated their time to the cause. This is the fourteenth year for the Doctors with a Heart program.

Dr. Steven Niergarth expects about 100 people to take part in the program throughout the day.

"We try to do it to help people who h ave no other access to dental care, and it's a way to give back to our community," explained Dr. Niergarth. "The first year we did it we had people camped out, who slept in the parking lot the night before, and I think this year is no different. I think there is actually more people out there thsi year than we've ever seen before."

The services being performed for patients include dental cleanings, fillings and tooth extractions. People are being served on a first come first serve basis.