Dine like royalty with Chef Darren McGrady at the Taste of Traverse City

Royal Chef Darren McGrady joins Holly via Skype.

The Taste of Traverse City festival is coming in less than two weeks. As part of the festival, those who attend will be able to experience a tasty treat with Chef Darren McGrady. Darren is a royal chef who previously cooked for Queen Elizabeth II and later to Diana, Princess of Wales. He has lots of stories to share after being a chef at both Buckingham and Kensington Palace.

Experience his cuisine and hear his stories at "A Royal Taste," on Saturday September 14 from 7-9 PM at The Box in downtown Traverse City.

Chef Darren McGrady joined 7&4 News Today via Skype for a glimpse at what Traverse City residents can expect at his royal reception.

Eating Royally
: Recipes and Remembrances From a Palace Kitchen.


$60 per person

$100 per couple

Each ticket includes 1 luxury gift bag featuring a signed copy of Darren's book, Eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances From a Palace Kitchen