Disposable water bottle ban?

At a meeting Monday night, Traverse City leaders discussed a possible ban on disposable water bottles at public events that require a permit.

Mayor Michael Estes

wants sponsors of any city event, including the National Cherry Festival, to provide reusable bottles that could be filled for free at water stations. Estes says, "Whether it's the National Cherry Festival or whether it's the Traverse City Film Festival of the Wine Festival or anybody else. We want to set up some type of standard, a higher standard in terms of waste treatment and disposable products. What we would like to do is encourage event promoters to address the issue based on their own philosophy. They could sell reusable containers, place water in the container, and have city water to re-fill these containers. We think of this as a revenue enhancer and promotional tool for all of these event promoters but its up to them to embrace that."

The reason behind the proposal is because the water bottles are often found littering parks and beaches following major events.

To check out the full report, and hear what the Director of the National Cherry Festival and the Founder of the Traverse City Film Festival have to say on the possible ban, click on the video above.


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Sue Ann Gleason Ferrell

left this comment: "

The convenience of disposable water bottles is not worth the litter! We need to do something to stop the litter! What about making people pay a deposit? At least this way other people will collect the bottles to get the deposit. It's a way to get some extra money."

agrees a deposit may be the way to go: "If they would mandate a deposit on ALL beverage bottles, we wouldn't be having this discussion. It's CRAZY that beverage companies have found a way to circumvent the law by promoting non-carbonated energy drinks, flavored water, etc.--even crazier that we haven't put a stop to it."

wrote: "Y

our asking for trouble if they bring a reusable water bottle. What will it be filled with? Liquor could be mixed with that water!"

left this comment: "

I find the cigarette butts more disturbing, and much harder to clean up."

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