Do you want fries with that? How 'bout a million dollars?

Thomas Vozar won $1 million when he ordered a oatmeal at the Harrison McDonalds

A Harrison man became a millionaire when he ordered a Fruit and Maple Oatmeal at the local McDonald's.

Thomas Vozar already had the Boardwalk piece, so when he peeled Park Place off of his oatmeal, he won the million dollar prize.

"We are excited that a local person from Harrison is a $1 million winner," said Joe Nicklyn, the Harrison McDonald's owner.

Vozar says he has coffee at that location almost every day, along with a sausage breakfast burrito. But one lucky day in October, fate stepped in. Vozar decided to try something new.

Vozar is a 71-year-old retiree of the Mid-Michigan Community College.

Nicklyn, who owns and operates 8 McDonald's locations in Northern Michigan says the crew is almost as excited as the winner.

"The Monopoly game is fun at all levels," Nicklyn said. "It creates great community conversation and some real excitement in our restaurant."