Dog rescued by the Coast Guard is reunited with his owner

Jodi Benchich (right), owner of the lost dog rescued by the Coast Guard on Monday, and Michelle Heyza, founder of A Rejoyceful Rescue, are all smiles during their time with KC at Wilson Veterinary Hospital, March 5, 2014.

A stray dog rescued by Coast Guard crews on Lake St. Clair is now back home where he belongs.

Jodi Benchich of St. Clair Shores, visited with her 14-year-old pet "KC" at the Wilson Veterinary Hospital before taking him back home Wednesday night.

On Monday afternoon, the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay spotted the dog four miles from shore during ice-breaking operations on Lake St. Clair. The crew then brought him aboard the ship to provide him with food, water and first aid.

Once the ship returned to its homeport of Detroit on Tuesday afternoon, the crew contacted A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue which made arrangements to have the dog taken to the vet clinic for further treatment. On Tuesday evening, Chief Petty Officer Joshua Bozarth of the Bristol Bay tapped his social media network to locate the owner.

"We are all happy this rescue had a happy ending," said Lt. Cmdr. John Henry, Bristol Bay's commanding officer."Although KC was on board for only a day, some of the crew really took a liking to him."

The dog suffered from frostbite on his paws and also lost a significant amount of weight during the time he was lost.

"KC is happy to be back home and is eating everything we give him," said a very happy Benchich. "We're forever grateful to the Coast Guard and hope to be able to thank the crew in person sometime soon."

Following the dog rescue, the Coast Guard published advice to other dogs thinking of venturing out on ice on the official Coast Guard Great Lakes Blog, titled: "

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