Don't stalk Phil for his asparagus recipe!

"This weekend -- on Saturday, is the Asparagus Festival," said Chef Phil Murray, Owner of Phil's on Front in Traverse City. "So we're going to make some asparagus deliciousness."

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With the Asparagus Festival coming up this weekend in Empire, what better time to learn to cook this nutritious food from a pro? Chef Phil Murray is helping you celebrate one of nature's most perfect foods.

"It's one of the healthiest meals you can have in the bounty of Northern Michigan," said Phil. "That is fresh asparagus."

This week Phil is sharing his Fresh Grilled Asparagus recipe:


Fresh asparagus

Olive oil

Sea salt


Cooking Directions:

Place fresh asparagus on plate and lightly coat with olive oil.

"Just a little bit," said Phil. "Shake it up like popcorn."

Next, sprinkle pepper and sea salt on top. Add a little bit more olive oil so the salt and pepper sticks. Mix it around again. Put asparagus on heated grill.

"The flavor of the grill, the olive oil, and asparagus is a flavor combination that is completely, completely delicious," said Phil.


If you can't wait until next week, stop in at

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