Don't stress over ugly furniture! Distress it!

Before you get rid of that old, ugly chair, table or vanity, have you thought about distressing it? Distressing furniture can give old or new pieces that worn look, while still looking trendy and beautiful.

Denine Dingeman, designer at Charitable Resale, shares her inspiration and teaches you to affordably style with ease! She's teaming up with Dan Brady, "tricks-of-the-trade" painter at Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration. He brings you time-saving tricks and products that are easy to find and use.

This week, Dan and Denine are showing you how to distress ugly, old furniture into like-new, designer-inspired pieces.

Four Steps to paint a trendy, distressed table or chair:

1. Plan: Gather paint tools, paint brush and roller brush, primer and paint in a spray or regular can, liquid deglosser, sandpaper or sanding block

"Use products specific to the type of material you're working with," said Dan. "Metal, plastic and wood furniture all have specific types of paint you'll want to use so that your project goes the distance once finished. Using a spray can makes clean-up so simple. Ask your local paint store, Northwood Paint, or any home improvement store for help. They'll have the answers to make a trip to the store fast and easy."

2. Prep: Clean item, prime, paint

3. Design Direction: Sand the edges as desired (sand more for old color to come through)

"You may be able to use paint you've got left over from another project," said Denine. "That saves on time and cost in getting started. Along with simple sandpaper, you'll get a trendy attitude with instant character. Even a worn piece of furniture can look fresh, making its dings and scratches work in your favor."

Voila! Trendy and timeless!

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