Down trees and power lines cause trouble for road crews

Northern Michigan snow plows and salt truck drivers have been working around the clock to clear the roads for drivers, but are running into several issues.

Trees and power lines are hanging extra low from the heavy snow fall and ice built up from yesterday's storm.

When a snow plow driver sees a tree in the road that is too big for them to move, they call in for another team member to come and cut it up.

Down power lines also caused delays for plowing while waiting for officials to come and remove them.

"Well there's several places where the trees are in the power lines and we're not allowed to get into them so it kind of slows everything down," said Leelanau County Road Commission manager, Herb Cradduck. "The power companies are the ones who really suffer here on this one."

Dozens of homes and businesses in Leelanau and Suttons Bay are still without power.