Downtown goes dark for Newtown

The Connecticut school shooting has left the city of Newtown in a state of mourning and darkness, just one week before Christmas.

To show support to the victims and their families, the Boyne City manager is making the city dark, by powering down the holiday decoration lights for three nights this week.

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain says, "Thereâ??s a lot of people that lost a lot of family members, thereâ??s a lot of lights of peoples lives that are no longer there. We wanted to do something to show our support and solidarity with those folks in this time of trouble..."

Boyne Cityâ??s downtown area is normally very festive, bright and decorative during the holiday season, but Tuesday night it sits dark.

Cain says, "We're very well known for our festive lights in the holidays. We get a lot of compliments on it, but its something simple we could do to show our support for them, show them that we care!"

Itâ??s a symbolic display of sympathy that other downtown city businesses have decided to follow.

Owner of Boyne City Provisions and the Wine Emporium Kristine Brehm says, "What else could we do? Itâ??s symbolic... itâ??s just a beautiful gesture."

Owner of Pat Oâ??Brien & Associates, Pat Oâ??Brien says, "I just couldn't image what these people are going through, it is the worst thing I could ever imagine. If I could do something to tell them, weâ??re sorry, we feel for you, I can do that. "

Manager of the Boyne City Hardware Chad Muma says, "We couldn't imagine what Iâ??d be like in their shoes. Anything that the city going to do to honor them, we will happily do the same... "

Boyne City officials are also extending the invitation to residents in the area, to power down for the next three nights.

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain says, "For us the lights will come back on, but for a lot of these people they will never come back on and that's a loss, Maybe these people will appreciate it, maybe they'll never know about it but we'll know weâ??ve done something to help in their time of hurt.â??

Boyne City officials will keep the lights out though Thursday evening. This is completely optional but city officials are inviting businesses and residents to join in.