Dozens show up for unsolved murder memorial walk

Dozens showed up to walk in memory of Janette Roberson.

More than 40 people showed up to the Walk for Justice on Sunday in honor of Janette Roberson, a young woman who was murdered on January 19th, 1983.

More than three decades ago, the quiet community of Reed City was turned upside down after one of their own, a 27-year-old woman was brutally murdered. The case has never been solved, but this weekend family and friends came together for a memorial walk that they hope will bring Roberson's story back to life.

'It's been 31 years and in my eyes I didn't want her to be forgotten," said Roberson's sister, Lana Lockhart. "It's still an open and active case and it needs to be solved."

Family, friends, and walk organizers were moved when they saw the turnout for Roberson.

"A lot of these people here don't even know her, never even met her, and just found out about this through Facebook, and through social media, and things like that," said Linda Boland, Roberson's niece. "And it's really, really overwhelming, the amount of people that came out, and, you know, shutting the streets down and things like that. It was really, really amazing, and I'm hoping this brings more attention and more awareness, and we get somewhere with this."

Roberson was found dead in the basement of the Gambles store where she worked. It's known today as Reed City Hardware. Roberson worked in a pet store that was located in the basement of Gambles. Investigators say she was murdered in the middle of the day.

For the last 31 years, The Reed City Police Department has partnered with the Michigan State Police to collect countless tips and perform dozens of interviews to try and piece together what happened that day. A sketch of a possible suspect was created from the information that MSP put together in the days following Roberson's death.

"This homicide has always been somewhat active," said Reed City Police Chief, Charles Davis. "People in the area have never really...haven't let it go."

The walk began at the Reed City Depot, winded through the downtown streets, and went right by the very store that she never left exactly 31 years ago.

"We just thought that if we got some flyers out there, and we printed it and we get a little bit more awareness, maybe there's someone out there that knows something or has heard something over the years or was on Upton Street that day between 2:00 and 4:00 and maybe saw something that they thought might be important," said one of the organizers, Jeni Decker.

Chief Davis says the chances are slim that the person could still be identified after all this time, but that he'd love to see the case close so that the family and the entire community can get some closure.

"Maybe, just the right little piece will fall into place," said Davis. "We never know. And to remember her, the family, and wanting the community to remember her, I think that's a good thing."

If you have any information about the murder of Janette Roberson or were at Gambles hardware store on January 19, 1983 and have not spoken with law enforcement, the family and investigators would like you to contact:

Reed City Police Chief Charles Davis (231) 832-3743

Mount Pleasant Post #63 (MSP) (989) 773-5951