Dr. Love's regimen for a happy new year

At the start of every year many of us plan to make New Year's resolutions. While some of us succeed and make the changes in our lives, others may get discouraged and give up before they even put a dent in their attempt. But to ensure that your resolutions don't fall by the wayside this year, Dr. Ann Marie Love, Ph.D has some advice for those of us who want to ring in the new year on the right foot.

Dr. Love's 5 tips:

1. Plan your New Years Eve carefully. Have a designated driver.

2. Any day, not just New Years Eve, is a good day to resolve to improve your life.

"So many people will say, 'Well I can't do it now because it's Jan. 3', yes you can!" Dr. Love laughs. "There is nothing magical about Jan. 1."

3. Make your resolutions measurable and specific. You're more likely to succeed that way.

"For example, if somebody's going to lessen the amount that they smoke, if they say, 'I'm going to smoke less', what does that mean and how do they count it?" said Dr. Love. "So, if they currently smoke two packs a day and they say, 'I'm going to go down to one pack a day', that's measurable and achievable."

4. Resolutions don't have to be tough and painful to enrich our lives. Make some easy, fun ones.

"A lot of people make sure it hurts, like I'm never going to eat chocolate again, so something like, once a month I'm going to do a family activity with my family that is fun, that doesn't hurt, it's achievable," said Dr. Love.

5. Remember that we're all human and make mistakes. Keep your resolutions realistic.

If you'd like to learn more about Dr. Love's 5 steps to a new you in the new year click the video above. If you have a topic or questions you'd like Dr. Love to answer, send your questions to She will be back on next month to answer them for you. If you would like to contact her at her office in Traverse City, call 231-947-2292.