Dropping temperatures force residents to turn on the taps

Due to the cold temperatures, Moore is asking that every building and home in the Village constantly run a pencil lead sized water stream until further notice.

The Beulah Water and Sewer Supervisor is asking that every home and building within the Village take part in helping to keep the water main from freezing.

Supervisor Brian Moore says the department received a call this morning from a resident who thought that his pipes were broken because he was not able to access water. After investigating they discovered that water was frozen into the resident's meter. Officials say they were able to thaw the meter and pipe out and get the resident's water flowing again.

Due to the cold temperatures, Moore is asking that every building and home in the Village keep a stream of water running that is the size of pencil lead until further notice. This is to keep the service lines that lead to every building and home in the Village from freezing. If that line freezes then Moore says that the main line could also freeze. Repairs to fix the main line could cost the Village and taxpayers nearly $10,000.

If the line freezes, no one in the Village will be able to access water.

"It's pretty inconvenient when you can't take a shower, flush your toilet, or any of that," said Moore. "You got to have something to drink. Very important. Water's our life."

President Pro Tem Dan Hook says that with frigid temperatures remaining in the forecast for the weekend, they anticipate that this could last for the next few days. Village residents will be responsible for their own water bills at this point.

"This is the second time I've had to run water in 12 years," said Moore.

Hook says that there are 360 residential buildings in the Village of Beulah, plus many other businesses.