Drug investigation leads to more than a dozen arrests

A three year long drug investigation in Antrim County has lead to the arrest and conviction of more than a dozen people.

Police have charged 20 people, mostly Antrim County residents with crimes ranging from Delivery of Controlled Substances to Maintaining a Drug House. Two of those charged are on the run.

Michigan State Police say the investigation started in 2009, after a year where five people died from a drug overdose and crimes in the area were at an all time high. Antrim County Assistant Prosecutor, James Rossiter says it was becoming a problem.

Rossiter says, "We were dealing with individuals that have drug habits range from $20 to $100 a day. They were stealing."

Rossiter authorized investigative subpoenas and more than 40 people testified under oath about their knowledge of drug activity.

The investigation revealed drugs like heroin, meth, and prescription drugs were being sold across the region. It also showed that a Grand Rapids based attorney gave pills to an inmate inside the Antrim County Jail.

Lt. Patrick Boyd, with the Michigan State Police says, "This activity is having a huge negative impact on the community. It's important we get a hand on this."

While more than a dozen people are facing some serious charges, authorities are still looking for Joseph Randazzo and Dale Stotler. They've been charged and are now on the run.

Shaun Roggenbeck, the son of former Antrim County Sheriff Dale Roggenbeck is one of the many charged in this case. He is accused of distributing drugs to people in Otsego, Kalkaska, and Antrim Counties.