Elderly woman says man high on Spice scared her

A convicted sex offender is behind bars after police say he got high on Spice and scared an elderly woman.

It happened on Wellington Street in Traverse City over the weekend. The victim, 84-year old Shirley Lawson was sitting on her walker watering her lawn when she noticed a stranger stumbling towards her.

The man, 27-year old Wilton Campos is a registered sex offender currently on parole with a lifetime GPS monitoring order.

Traverse City Police Captain Steve Morgan says, "The investigation shows that the suspect was intoxicated and impaired on Spice. That was by his own admission. He believed there were people after him."

Once he got to her yard, police say he stole her cordless phone and took off down Eighth Street. A Good Samaritan, who saw what happened, began to chase the suspect. During the pursuit the suspect grabbed a biker before being pushed to the ground by the Good Samaritan.

Shirley Larson says, "I have no idea what his name was, but I certainly do thank him for his wonderful help. He did a fine job catching that young man."

Shirley decided not to press any charges on Campos, but the police did arrest him for violating his parole.