Environmental organization looks to make a splash in protecting Michigan waters

The low water levels surrounding the Great Lakes are a hot topic right now, and on Saturday a Michigan organization was raising more awareness about it.

With a quarter of a million members, the Michigan Clean Water Action is the states largest environmental organization. They focus on protecting the environment, our health, and ending water pollution.

Dozens of members gathered at the Harbor Days Parade in Elk rapids Saturday morning to launch their Save the Harbor Campaign. A campaign that teaches people all about climate change and water quality. Group officials say that the extreme weather from climate change has led to the devastation of low water levels that can be seen in many harbor communities all throughout the state.

"This year the governor has issued an executive order for emergency dredging of dozens of our harbor communities across the state," said Executive Director of Michigan Clean Water Action, Nic Clark. "So sitting right here on the shores of Lake Michigan in a town like Elk Rapids, you can tell exactly how vital harbors are to these communities and that's why we're here to make sure that folks understand the connection and dependence on fossil fuels and coal pollution and the impact that it has on our Great Lakes way of life."

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