Everything all adds up

7&4 News is proud to salute Mr. Milne's 4th grade class at Crystal Lake Elementary in Benzonia in Benzie County. A viewer wrote in and had this to say about Mr. Milne.

"Mr. Milne is a fabulous teacher and the students in his classroom are wonderful. Mr. Milne is the kind of teacher that all students should have an opportunity to have. He cares about the individual student and their needs and abilities. He strives to make each student as successful as he can. You can see each day that Mr. Milne is happy to be at school in his classroom and that teaching is what he was made for. The kids love how hands on he makes science for them, allowing them to conduct labs in the classroom each week. He has taught the kids a ton about technology and how to use it. The power point presentations that the class just completed were top notch! After finishing up a book about lumberjack camps, the kids dressed up and cooked an authentic lumberjack breakfast with all the fixins'. One of the features I enjoy so much about my son being in his class are the weekly class meetings they have on Friday afternoons. They all gather to reflect on the weeks activities and talk about the upcoming week. They also are given time to compliment one another on things they have noticed their classmates doing throughout the week. Mr. MIlne is top notch teacher and can be found in his classroom well before he needs to be, in gym class participating WITH his students when he could be having "prep time", shooting baskets with students at recess, cheering students on at Saturday activities, etc. His classroom is definetely one that deserves a little recognizing!

Congratulations Mr. Milne! We are proud to salute you!