Families can volunteer together to help those in need

Get your entire family into the spirit of giving with Family Volunteer Day through the United Way.

United Way of Northwest Michigan has teamed up with the Goodwill Inn to celebrate this year's Family Volunteer Day on November 23.

Representatives say families working together is a good hands-on way to teach kids good values.

This year support is needed for the "UnderPantry" - the supply of socks and undergarments used for families staying at the Goodwill Inn.

"I would say that as far as donating, this is a cause that is always in great need," said Amanda Hilt, the Youth and Family Volunteer Director at United Way of Northwest Michigan. "And it's not one that's ever really heard about. So if you want to know that you're donating something that is definitely needed, this would be a great way to go and do that."

Donations can be brought to United Way, the Park Place hotel, Grace Episcopal Church, and Goodwill stores between November 23 and December 13.