Family raising awareness one year after Kelly Boyce Hurlbert's death

Family members met at the ghost bike memorial Wednesday night before passing out flyers in Traverse City.

Saturday marks the one year anniversary of Kelly Boyce Hurlbert's death in Traverse City.

The 29-year-old was biking home from work July 5, 2013 when she was struck and killed. The driver who hit her was never caught.

Kelly's family members are doing their part to keep the case alive.

Wednesday night they started passing out flyers and "Remember To Love" bracelets in hopes of jogging someone's memory from last year.

â??I can no longer count the minutes, hours, the days, the months that I've been without her,â?? said Maggie Smith, Kellyâ??s best friend. â??I feel like now it's in years and it's long term. So it feels more final to me.â??

â??Myself and my family will never stop,â?? said Nicole Nostrandt, Kellyâ??s older sister. â??We won't just walk away and say this might never be solved. Until this person is caught, how do we know this won't happen again?â??

â??At the end of the day it's really not a want for us, it's a need,â?? said Scott Boyce, Kellyâ??s younger brother, â??to know what happened that night and to get to the bottom of it. So weâ??re trying to raise awareness. So we're going to be passing out flyers to let the community know that weâ??re still actively searching for the killer of my sister.â??

The family spread out through Traverse City, dropping off the flyers and bracelets at businesses, starting at Kelly's former workplace, North Peak Brewing Company.

They're hoping somebody in the crowd, in town for the National Cherry Festival or the Fourth of July, will know something.

â??It's not just about remembering who she was because we do that every day. So it's more about the fact that there's somebody out there that knows something,â?? said Smith.

â??Maybe they were here last year and they left and they're back this year and they left town before they watched the news or knew what happened,â?? explained Nostrandt. â??Maybe they were on vacation and may not have known, but maybe seeing that will jog your memory. Or they'll talk to somebody and it will get the conversation going so they can say, â??hey, I think I know something about that.â??â??

One thing is certain: it was an emotional night for family as they visited the memorial setup for Kelly near F&M Park.

â??It's very hard,â?? said Craig Boyce, Kellyâ??s younger brother. â??I live down in Benzie County and I stay away from this area just for the simple fact that it's hard to come to this area. It brings up everything and makes you think about it more and you know it's hard to come to this area.â??

â??We'd kind of like to close that book and start this new chapter of remembrance rather than sorrow and sadness,â?? said Smith.

Family and friends say they miss Kellyâ??s laughter.

â??I have to say her laugh and the fact that no matter what there was always a lighthearted and just a sincerity about her. She was always joyful no matter what she could find a bright spot in any situation,â?? said Scott.

â??She loved to laugh and I like to laugh, so we would just be funny and making jokes and doing ridiculous things,â?? said Smith.

Sunday, the family is asking the community to come out to F&M Park for a candlelight vigil honoring Kelly. A couple people will speak and there will be some music. The vigil starts at 9 p.m.

There is a $50,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.

If you know anything, contact the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office.

â??No tip is too small,â?? said Nostrandt. â??The smallest tip could turn out to be the biggest lead.â??

Their final advice is to remember to love.

â??Tell your brother, tell your sister, tell your mother you love them,â?? said Scott Boyce. â??Love them harder than you imagine you ever could. Appreciate the ones around you. Be a friend a friend would want to have.â??

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