Family sells all belongings to live a life on the open road

One Grand Traverse County family is preparing for the adventure of their lives. They're in the process of selling everything they own and hitting the open road for a cross-country road trip.

7&4's Kate Fox spent the day with the Curet family from Williamsburg, as they gear up for an exciting and unfamiliar journey.

It's an interesting life move, dropping everything and venturing into the unknown. Whether you agree with it or not, the Curet family doesn't seem to care. It's a life long dream, that they can't wait to embark on.

Erin Curet says, "When push comes to shove, we don't want to look back an say well we should have done that... or why didn't we do that...ya know it's a once in a life time opportunity and that opportunity is right now!"

The Curet's are a family of four --Dad Troy, Mom Erin and little ones Marnie and Ethan.

From the outside they look like a normal family, they live in a nice home, both parents have steady jobs and the kids are happy and healthy-- but this family is far from ordinary.

Troy Curet says, "We've always been told the American dream is to own a home, get a nice job and then you retire. Now were 33 years old, got a beautiful home, awesome job... and now what? Work for the next 40 years? Or lets go do something, lets go do something awesome!"

The Curet's are about to drop the comfort of a suburban life and trade it in for a unfamiliar future -- out on the open road.

They're planning a year-plus journey across the country, stopping in every single state!

Troy Curet says, "So were going to start out were going to head towards Maine, hit some festivals there -- then head down to the east coast -- talking to people a long the way. Then in the winter head to Florida. We'd like to be in New Orleans for Martigras then go over to California, then back up north..."

Before taking off, the Curet family faces a lengthy "to do" list, something they've already started to tackle. They've put the house and cars up for sale, gave away almost everything they own and even found a new home for their pet pig named Percy. But to make this adventure a reality -- they still need a new portable home on wheels...

Erin Curet says, "As far as the camper van goes... the search continues... we check "Craig's List "everyday. I've posted a wanted ad."

And as for the kid's education -- Erin Curet says they'll get what she calls "road-school." She explains, "Their school is working with us, Mill Creek Elementary, there are two teachers helping us with curriculum." Troy Curet adds, "They'll be doing their own research along the way before we go to Alamo-- a week or two before -- we'll say research everything you can about the Alamo -- and then we have a great opportunity to show them hands on."

The Curet family is ready to go and prepared for any bumps they may hit along the way. Erin Curet says, "Making money on the road is a must. If we have to stop somewhere to wait tables, then that's what we do, until we have enough money to move onto the next place. But hell or high water, were leaving in September!"

The Curet family will officially leave northern Michigan on September 7th, 2012. If you'd like to follow their journey, read blog posts and check out pictures CLICK HERE. ã??