Father Fred helping kids start school year off on right foot

Twenty dollars is all it takes to give children in need a brand new pair of shoes.

The Father Fred Foundation wants to make sure every child can go back to school this year with a new pair of shoes.

The foundation is seeking donations for its back-to-school shoes program.

Twenty dollars is all it takes to give children in need a brand new pair.

"We're really asking the community to partner with us on this," Father Fred Executive Director Rosemary Hagan said.

Families in need can apply to request a $20 shoe voucher for each school-age child.

Families can apply at the Father Fred Foundation, at 826 Hastings in Traverse City, from August 19 to September 5.

"I think everyone needs to remember back to that first day of school, and how it felt to walk in with a new outfit, maybe new shoes, and feel like you're looking like everybody else, not standing out as different," Hagan said. "This is just a good way to help families that are struggling. (There are) a lot of working poor in this region and this is our little way that we can help out."

Father Fred is accepting donations at the foundation in Traverse City and also on their website.

"I think the community can really feel good that they helped out a family," Hagan said.

Donations are being accepted now until Labor Day.