Find design inspiration in a garbage can!

Denine Dingeman, designer at

Charitable Resale

, shares her inspiration and teaches you to affordably style with ease! She's teaming up with Dan Brady, "tricks-of-the-trade" painter at

Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration

. He brings you time-saving tricks and products that are easy to find and use.

This week, Dan and Denine are showing you how to paint a textured wall, and find some design inspiration in a garbage can!

"Small apartments need each element to be functional, and consider how to get the most function out of every furnishing that occupies space," said Denine. "Toss the clunkers and keep the smart space-savers!"

How to create "storage chic" from retro cast-offs:

"Use paint to take an antique into industrial chic," said Denine. "Don't be afraid to paint metal from gold to silver, and paint over a glass panel cabinet door for opaque coverage and clean-looking cabinet storage. A trunk from the past makes a cool storage focal point by simply placing it on a pedestal. Use two pieces of cast-off furniture, like the base of an end table added below Erika's wooden trunk, to create a totally new, purposeful piece."

How to ReVibe textured walls:

"Frogtape is my hands-down favorite for razor-sharp edges, even on those impossible, textured walls," said Dan. "It's going to make you look like a pro! Simply follow a few tricks of the trade and plan your painting. Things move quickly when you plan in advance, and by simply taping edges, you'll minimize corrections in final steps."

· Dan's Frogtape TRICK OF THE TRADE on textured walls:

1. Repair walls instead of painting over the damaged areas.

2. Tape corners, trim, ceiling areas where color contrasts/ends.

3. On textured walls: After you've taped the room, brush or roll a thin stripe of paint the same color as the paint you're protecting from the new color. This way, on textured walls, any slight bleed will match the color you're protecting from the new color. Let dry.

4. Paint the new wall color and overlap paint onto the Frogtape. Use appropriate brushes and rollers for your wall texture. Make sure you get expert suggestion for specific, affordable tools from Northwood Paint or any home improvement store.

5. Let paint dry and remove Frogtape as instructed for that trademark, razor-sharp contrast in paint color!

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