Fire crews battle blaze at Buckley restaurant

Firefighters work to extinguish fire at Patty Cakes Restaurant - Bakery in Buckley.

Fire crews were called back to the scene of a bakery fire early Tuesday morning.

Firefighters recieved the call to return to Patty Cakes Restaurant around 5am Tuesday due to rekindling concerns. The bakery in Buckley was destroyed by fire Monday.

The call went out just around 6:45 p.m. that there were flames visible.

Multiple fire departments responded, including Buckley, Blair Township, Grand Traverse Rural, Springville Township and Kingsley.

Nobody was injured. The fire chief says the restaurant was not open when the fire started. They close at 2 p.m.

When firefighters got there, they say the attic was engulfed in flames.

Crews worked to rip out insulation as they doused the fire. The roof fans and cooling system made getting at the fire difficult.

Firefighters appeared to have the fire under control around 8 p.m.

So far, there is no word as to what caused the fire. The investigation is ongoing.

The owner of the restaurant did not want to comment on the fire.