Firefighters battle blaze and rescue person from window

The investigation also continues into what caused a historic hotel in Charlevoix to burn down over the weekend.

At around 4 a.m. on Saturday morning, crews responded to the fully engulfed building, which is now used as apartments.

Firefighters were on scene for more than 6 hours battling the blaze.

Everybody made it out ok, but firefighters call one man lucky to be alive.

"There was a man who was a resident on one of the second floor rooms, who by the time he was aware of what was going on, was unable to go down the stairs of the front of the building, so one of our firefighters was able to locate him in the back part of the building, the South end of the building, was able to put a ladder up, and rescue him in that manner," says Charlevoix Fire Chief Paul Ivan.

The Red Cross has since bunked up the now-homeless residents at the Charlevoix Inn & Suites.

Firefighters believe the fire started one of the bathrooms, but they are still investigating.