Football season brings out big small town pride

Community comes together to support team.

Small town pride is the name of the game when it comes to Fridays, and this week Thursday, in the fall.

Fans say they are excited and ready for football season even though the school year has not yet started. Students and parents alike came out to stadiums across Northern Michigan. They say it is all about community camaraderie.

The people from the small town of Kingsley came out in droves. Their cars packed all the streets surrounding the stadium. Fans said it is the place to be.

Many people come out to see familiar faces.

"Besides watching them play, [I like] seeing old teachers and friends," said Kristy Helmreich, a Kingsley fan.

For some, it's all about the big game under the big lights.

"I like the lights and the night when the air is cool," said Angel Hindman of Kingsley.

Most people said their reason for coming to the game was small town pride.

"I think high school football really brings our community together," said Maureen Naumcheff from Mancelona."It kind of gets the school off to a powerful start."

"Small town community and camaraderie with friends," said Ken Johnson from Kingsley. "Just rooting for the team."

"We're all really close. It's a small town, but we're all really close. So everybody's here," said Hindman.

Many fans are loyal beyond opening night.

"We catch every game," said Naumcheff.

"I try to make it to every home game," said Helmreich.

People at the game said it was a beautiful night for a football game, but they look forward to the cooler nights and hot chocolate weather.