Former New York Mayor Giuliani visits northern Michigan

      Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was in northern Michigan Monday, giving a personal thank you to emergency responders in Grand Traverse County and reflect back on the 9/11 tragedy.

      Giuliani was in Traverse City campaigning for his fellow republicans. But during his visitt, he made a special stop at Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department to speak about the importance of all first responders, using 9/11 as a source of inspiration.

      The former New York Mayor addressed a large crowd of firefighters and EMS workers at Metro Station One. He proudly stood in front of the fire department's World Trade Center Artifact, which is a steel piece of the North Tower that was donated in 2011.

      Giuliani then took time to tour the new 9/11 Memorial Park that's being built behind the Metro Station. He say's its so important to reflect back on the 9/11 tragedy and never forget the lives lost and sacrifices made by the first responders.

      To hear from Rudy Giulani, click on the video above.

      A dedication for the Grand Traverse Metro's 9/11 Memorial Park is set for September 11th of this year.