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      Foundation aims to put a book in every child's hands

      A new collaborative effort in Wexford County is aiming to put a book in every child's hands.

      A new collaborative effort in Wexford County is aiming to put a book in every child's hands.

      The program is an effort between charitable business owners, the Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District, the Chamber of Commerce and the Cadillac Community Foundation.

      The program aims to provide one, age-appropriate book per month to every child in Wexford and Missaukee County from birth to age five.Officials from the Cadillac Chamber of Commerce says there are 3,800 kids between the two counties that fall into that category.

      The groups came up with the concept about three months ago, but needed help funding it.

      That's where Dan Minor stepped in. A local business owner, he donated $20,000 to fund the first two years of the program. Minor says, "it's our goal as citizens of Missaukee and Wexford Counties to give everyone of these children the greatest chance at succeeding at life. Education is really the key here. If they're educated they choose a life of skilled trades, they choose a life of a college degree, they choose a life of defending our country through the military."

      The program will get help from the Dolly Parton Foundation "Imagination Library" in deciding which books are age appropriate. Imagination Library will send them to the family's homes straight from their facility.

      Today, program officials from Wexford County and officials from the Imagination Library foundation signed an agreement and established funding.

      Program officials say parents will be able to sign up their kids for the program. They hope to have sign ups set up in the next couple months.