Four legged friends set to log hours at the office

"Karma" kicks back in the 7&4 Newsroom during Take Your Dog To Work Day 2012.

Fido's favorite day is on the horizon!

Thousands of pet owners will tote their four legged friends to the office in celebration of the 15th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day on Friday, June 21.

Take Your Dog To Work Day

was first celebrated in 1999 to show the bond between dogs and their owners, while encouraging pet adoption from humane societies and rescues.

Many businesses open their doors to furry friends not only on this day but all year, with many citing a happier work environment when pets are present.

Prevention Magazine

released a study from Virginia Commonwealth University which looked at employees of a North Carolina company that has allowed dogs at the office for more than 15 years. Employees were divided into three groups: people who brought their dogs to work, dog owners who were asked to leave the pooches home for a week, and people with no pets.

Workers who'd brought their dogs to work had the lowest levels of stress, while those who had to leave their four-legged pals at home had the highest.

The benefits don't stop at lower stress. The study also shows employees are more productive when pets are around and employees also take fewer sick days. You can read more about how office dogs make workers happier by

clicking here


Pets are big business as well. According to the American Pet Products Association, spending in the pet industry reached an all-time high in 2012. Pet owners splurged on their favorite furry friends, surpassing $53 billion in sales.

In 2012, pet services experienced the largest percentage growth, rising 9.7 percent over 2011. As pet owners continue to pamper pets their spending in services alone was $4.16 billion. This includes grooming, boarding, pet hotels, pet sitting, day care and other services.

Of all categories itâ??s anticipated that pet services will see the largest solid growth once again in 2013 at 9.1 percent, an estimated $4.54 billion in spending.

â??We are noticing several trends contributing to the growth of the industry,â?? said Bpb Vetere, President and CEO of the APPA. â??These trends include the positive impact of pet ownership on human health, which we expect to continue to fuel pet industry sales for years to come. And, as the pet industry proves to be â??recession resistantâ??, weâ??re confident that this upward trend in spending will endure.â??

How much do you spend on your family pet? Take part in the poll below and leave your comments!

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